Pacific Dental Conference March 8 - 10, 2018

Registration Prices

Until Jan 12, 2018
From Jan 13, 2018
From Mar 3, 2018
BCDA Member Dentist1$0$315$380
Non BCDA Member Dentist$245$325$380
Certified Dental Assistant$205$315$380
Dental Assistant$205$315$380
Administrative Personnel$205$315$380
DTABC Member Technician2$0$315$380
Dental Technician3$205$315$380
Dental Therapist$205$315$380
Allied Health Professional$205$315$380
Spouse/Additional Person$205$315$380
Exhibits Only$75$100$125

Prices shown do not include 5% GST.

1To register as a BCDA Member Dentist you must provide your BCDA/CDSBC Number
2To register as a DTABC Member Technician you must provide your License Number
3To register as a Dental Technician you must provide your License Number
4To register as a Denturist you must provide your License Number
5To register as a Student you must provide your Student Number and you must be currently enrolled in a full time dental program — excludes Residency Programs (official documentation may be requested). Please contact your school administrator or the PDC for instructions on how to register as a Student