Questions Frequently Asked by Exhibitors

  1. When can I setup my Virtual Exhibit?
  2. The exhibitor portal will be made available to all companies who purchase a virtual exhibit in January 2021. The exhibitor portal is where you, as an exhibitor, will create your virtual exhibit. Through the exhibitor portal, you can customize your booth with images, branding, videos, links, and more!

  3. What can I do in the exhibitor portal?
  4. Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to set up your virtual exhibit in Pheedloop, the platform for the 2021 PDC Virtual Experience.

    Read on for a step-by-step guide of how to set up your virtual booth.

    1) Edit your profile

    To save you time, we automatically pre-populate your profile on PheedLoop with information from your PDC Exhibitor Account - company name, description, website, contact information (person name/phone/email), address, and product categories. There are some additional profile items specific to the virtual exhibit environment that you can enter through the exhibitor portal:

    • Add social media links (Website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).
    • Add a YouTube video link.

    2) Design your booth

    • Add a banner image which will appear at the top of your booth.
      Recommended size: 1000w x 400h PNG or JPEG, no whitespace.
    • Add a thumbnail image which will appear next to your organization's name in the list of exhibitors.
      Recommended size: 500 x 500 PNG or JPEG, no whitespace.
    • Add a promotional MP4 video.
      Supports a single MP4 file up to 100 MB (duration of video depends on resolution, usually 5 - 10 minutes of HD quality), typically 16:9 aspect ratio.

    3) Upload files

    • Add promotional brochures and fact sheets.

  5. How can I tell who is visiting my Virtual Exhibit?
  6. When you are in your Virtual Exhibit during the conference, click the people icon next to your public chat. This will show who is in your Virtual Exhibit in real time. You can also access your Virtual Exhibit next to your chats in the networking tab, which shows you who was in your Virtual Exhibit and when they were last “seen” there.

  7. How can I network?
  8. When you are in your Virtual Exhibit, you can use the presence detection feature to see who is in your booth (icon with people) and simply click on the person's name you want to chat with. That will open a private message box. Once you send a message, a new window will open with the option to continue chatting or join a video call together. Both people must click “join video call” to use that feature.

  9. What is lead retrieval?
  10. Lead Retrieval is a completely optional booth add-on for an added fee of $99 and can be purchased directly from Pheedloop through your exhibitor portal. The benefits are video chatting with up to 25 people at a time and requiring those who request your booth documents to leave their contact information.

    Exhibitors who have purchased PheedLoop's lead retrieval system will be able to access their leads in real-time. To download their leads, exhibitors will need to navigate to their exhibitor portal and click on the Lead Retrieval tab. Exhibitors will be able to download their leads in a CSV or excel file.

    Please note that after the Conference, PDC will share an excel document with each exhibitor that lists who visited their Virtual Exhibit. The information that Pheedloop generates only includes name and organization, whereas Lead Retrieval allows you to collect attendee email addresses.

  11. What happens after I purchase a Virtual Exhibit?
  12. You're all set for now. In January you will receive a “welcome email” from PDC that will grant access to the Exhibitor Portal, enabling you to get in and start building! Please hang on to that email or bookmark your portal for ease of access.

    Note: The Exhibitor Portal is separate from the virtual conference. The Exhibitor Portal allows you access to the back end of your booth only. You will not be able to view your booth from the attendee-facing side until the event becomes "live" in March 2021. At that time, all attendees will gain access to the virtual conference and can edit their attendee profiles. This will be your opportunity, as an exhibitor, to make any adjustments to your booth based on front-end layout and personal preference.

  13. How do I staff a Virtual Exhibit?
  14. During the conference, attendees can interact with your Virtual Exhibit. They can view any information you provide, request a one-on-one conversation, or send exhibits staff a direct message. Be sure that someone is staffing the booth in order to take advantage of these opportunities. Just like an in-person conference, we know it is difficult to have someone staffing your booth at all times, so this is not a requirement. If you are unable to offer round-the clock staffing, you can show visitors when you are available to chat and when you are away.

    Register your exhibit staff using your PDC Exhibitor Account on Again to save you time, we automatically pre-populate those individuals into the PheedLoop environment - each person's name and email. Additionally, your staff will be automatically tagged as an Exhibitor, with your company name, and listed with your virtual booth.

  15. What if I have technology issues during the conference?
  16. If exhibitors have technological issues during the conference, help is available! The PDC staff will be available via email and through the "help" feature in the Pheedloop system. There will also be Pheedloop staff available to help in real-time during each day of the conference.