Questions Frequently Asked by Attendees

  1. How do I get my ID and Password?
  2. You can re-use your ID and password from 2021. If you have forgotten your ID and password, you can enter your email from last year on the Forgot Password page and the information will be sent to you.

    If you can’t remember the email address you registered with last year, your email has changed, or you didn’t register online last year, simply create a new ID and password.

  3. Can I register online?
  4. Yes, beginning on Monday, November 15, 2021.

  5. What happens if I miss the Early Bird deadline?
  6. Unfortunately if you miss the deadline, the regular rates will apply. We do our very best to frequently advertise the deadline and this is a very strict policy where we are not able to make any exceptions.

  7. Can I attend lectures with an Exhibits Only registration?
  8. The ‘Exhibits Only’ category will only give you access to the PDC Exhibit Hall Floor March 10 - 11. This category does not give you access to sessions (apart from those on the Live Dentistry Stage in the Exhibit Hall) and does not include any lunches.

  9. What is the "Virtual Bonus" and how do I gain access?
  10. The Virtual Bonus is a set of pre-recorded videos which will be available on PheedLoop Mar 14 - 31, after the end of the in-person PDC. All attendees with a full registration (not Exhibits Only) to the PDC receive access to the Virtual Bonus at no extra cost.

    Please note that these videos are NOT recordings of the in-person PDC sessions; the videos will have entirely different content and are shorter in length.

    The Virtual Bonus can also be purchased separately for people not registered for PDC 2022. Please note that a separate purchase of the Virtual Bonus does NOT entitle you to the in-person sessions or the Exhibit Hall or any other in-person event at the PDC.

  11. I am a student — how do I register? Can I register on-site?
  12. To register as a student, you must be currently registered in a full time dental program. The School Name, Student Number and the Dental Program must be included in your registration (official documentation may be requested). The student category excludes Residency Programs.

    Students should register in their school account on the PDC website. Please obtain the ID and Password from your instructor. If your instructor does not have an ID and Password, please have him/her contact the PDC.

    To qualify for the reduced rate, Students must be registered prior to Mar 4, 2022. The Student category/rate is not available after Mar 4, 2022.

    There will be no in-person registration on-site at PDC 2022.

  13. I'm signed up for a Hands-On Course, do I need to bring anything?
  14. If you are required to bring some specific items for a course we will list the details under that session on the website. We will also send an email out to all people registered for the course. On occasion there is a pre-requisite course for some hands-on courses; this will be noted in the program, on the website and during the registration process.

  15. Do you have a one day registration fee?
  16. No, your registration enables you to attend all 3 days of the conference.

  17. When should I expect my name badge to arrive in the mail?
  18. Badges are processed and mailed out approximately 6 weeks prior to the conference, so you can generally expect them to arrive in the first two weeks of February. Those who register in November will receive their badges first. You can log into your registration account to verify the specific date that your badge was mailed out, as this is indicated at the top of your account page.

  19. What if my name badge does not arrive in the mail?
  20. If your name badge does not arrive in the mail, here are some steps to take:

    1. First, verify that you are indeed registered. You can do this by attempting to log back into your registration account. If your account is on our site, and you are listed as a registered attendee, you are registered.
    2. If you are registered, check the date that your badges were mailed out. This can be found at the top of your account page. If it has been more than one week, go to step 3.
    3. If it has been more than one week, please verify that your mailing address is correct. If it is not, please change the address you have recorded in the account and then notify the PDC that your address has changed so we can forward any mail that is returned to us.
    4. If the address is correct, please check with any staff in your office that may have access to the mail. Often we find packages that were assumed not delivered, but were actually received and stored for safe keeping.
    5. If the package still cannot be located, please contact the PDC.

  21. What if there is an error on my name badge?
  22. If there is an error on your badge, it must be returned to our office by Feb 28, 2022 to be re-printed at no charge. After Feb 28, 2022 incorrect badges can be exchanged and re-printed on-site for a $15 (plus GST) charge. If the original badge is not returned on-site, there will be a $35 (plus GST) charge to reprint the badge.

  23. One of the staff that we registered is no longer with us - can I replace them with a new staff person?
  24. Yes, we can substitute names as long as we receive the request, and badge returned to our office, by Feb 28, 2022. We cannot substitute names on-site.

  25. How do I make changes or add courses to my registration?
  26. If you register on-line you will have access to your own registration account where you can make changes and add courses using your ID and password. Login information is automatically created for each attendee upon registration and can be accessed by clicking on Forgot Password and the information will be forwarded to you.

  27. What is the cancellation policy for the 2022 conference?
  28. Cancellation refund requests must be submitted in writing by Feb 4, 2022, and are subject to a $25 (plus GST) cancellation fee.

    Any cancellations after Feb 4, 2022 are 100% non-refundable.

  29. How do CE credits work? How do I report them?
  30. It is the responsibility of each individual to submit their own report to their provincial authority. Attendees should consult with their regulatory authorities for CE requirements prior to attending the conference. It is the responsibility of each individual requiring a conference CE report to be scanned in and out of every session to ensure accurate reporting for CE. For those attendees who are scanned, individual CE attendance reports can be downloaded by logging into your account on the PDC website after the conference.

  31. Can I bring my child to the conference?
  32. Children are not permitted in any of the conference session rooms.

    Children twelve years and over are allowed in the Exhibit Hall and must have a paid ‘Exhibits Only’ badge. Disruptive behaviour will result in the revocation of attendance privileges.

    Infants are permitted in the Exhibit Hall in a ‘snugglie’ only and strollers are strictly prohibited. The conference venues do not provide daycare; please check with your hotel concierge for these services.

  33. When is the PDC App available for download?
  34. There are various platforms for the PDC App – the Android version is typically available for download one month prior to the start of the conference. The Apple version for iPhone and iPad is available a few days prior to the start of the conference.